Topaz Differential Valve 200L/Min

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Topaz Differential Valve 200L/Min

Topaz Differential Valve 200L/Min

Part No. TPVD
Part No.
Topaz Differential valves are ideal for use in water tanks which are filled by a pressure system controlled water pump.
The valve gives a level difference which is adjustable from 50mm up to 2.5m to minimise starting and stopping of the pumping system.

Outline of operation
  • The valve mounts at the top of the tank. It fits easily through a thin walled tank or screws into a threaded tank inlet.
  • As the tank empties the weighted float travels down the cord until it hits the bottom stop. The valve then opens immediately to give a full flow.
  • The valve now runs constantly and the weighted float rises until it hits the upper float stop. This lifts the arm and the valve shuts down.
  • Observe the pressure that your pump runs at while the tank is filling. Set the pressure switch to turn the pump off at a pressure at least one bar above the running pressure.
  • High flow
  • Start and stop levels can be easily adjusted to give water level differentials from 50mm to 2.5 m
  • Keeps pump operation to a mininum.
  • Detach™ Valve Seal Access System for quick access to valve seal (Patented)
  • Ideal for all makes and models of tanks.
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