We've launched our new look

A new look for Southern Pumping, the same leading industry knowledge, products and service you’ve come to expect since 1974. Technical and practical experience you can rely on.

We are on a mission to lead pumping forward into a new era of reliability. At Southern Pumping we have invested heavily into improved operations and systems to better serve our partners and their industries – just as we have since 1974. As part of our commitment to the pumping industry we wanted to ensure we showcased who we are and why we are so passionate about pumps.

Our continued focus is being your trusted partner in designing, building, installing and maintaining your critical pump systems. We manufacture and distribute leading pump systems, products and parts to give you confidence for every pump application.

Why a whale?

A common sight along the coastal waters of the Illawarra region in NSW, our home, the whale is a majestic and massive creature and symbol of resilience, strength and longevity. Just as a whale is a majestic creature moving through the vast oceans, a pump is a mechanical behemoth within the industrial environment. Both are designed to move and circulate vital resources, whether water, fluids or filtering substances playing a critical role in their ecosystems.

Whilst the size and purpose of pumps varies, they all have a critical role in the movement and processing of fluids – just like whales help redistribute and filter through their migrations and feeding patterns.

Even though a whale and an industrial pump are drastically different in terms of size, nature, and habitat, they both fulfill essential roles in their ecosystems. Providing the necessary resources and contributing with the utmost efficiency to the environments in which they operate.

At Southern Pumping we’re your partner for everything pumps. When you see the whale, you know you’re dealing with an experienced, reliable and industry leading team and products.

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