Oil Water Separators

Southern Pumping Specialists are suppliers of Oil Water Separators, also known as Coalescing Plate Separators. These are enhanced gravity systems, and are required in vehicle wash stations and mechanical workshops to remove oils and solids fromwater.

In the oil water separators the oily water is pumped through an inlet chamber where solids settle out and oil immediately rises to the surface. An oil baffle prevents the now - separated oily water from entering the outlet weir. The waste water is then discharged to sewer, the solids are contained in the in-built hopper, and the waste oil is discharged to a drum underneath the unit.

Our separators vary in size, typically treating between 1000 and 3000 litres per hour, however, larger flowrates are available. An electrically driven mechanical, or air operated diaphragm pump, is used to pump the inflow at a controlled flow rate matched to the separator. Southern Pumping Specialists have over 40 years experience in supplying, installing, servicing and maintaining such equipment.