Metering Pumps


Solenoid Metering Pumps
The output range of solenoid metering pumps ranges from 0.74 to 75 l/h and pressures to 16 - 20 bar. Metering pumps fulfil their metering tasks reliably, even under the harshest operating conditions. Maintenance and repair costs are thereby extremely low. Thanks to the broad range of materials offered, these metering pumps are suitable for practically all liquid chemicals.

Motor Driven Metering Pumps
Metering pumps with mechanically linked diaphragms are almost universally applicable in the low pressure range. They offer a favourable cost/performance ratio at minimum service effort.

Process Metering Pumps
Process metering pumps are used in all applications where corrosive, toxic and flammable liquids are metered under very high pressures and extreme temperatures. They are typically used in the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, refineries as well as oil and gas production or as special metering pumps in the process industry.

Southern Pumping Specialists is ready to advise the most suited type of metering pump for any application along with the sales, spares and repairs of such pumps.