Gear Pumps

Gear pumps, a type of rotary positive displacement pump, which can transfer fluids of high viscosity at a high pressure, in a non-pulsating action. The fluid is transferred by gears coming in and out of mesh, creating a constant amount of fluid for each revolution.

Gear pumps are not suited to pumping solids, and abrasive liquids, but are well suited to handling liquids such as fuel and lubricating oils.

The two basic types of gear pumps are the internal, and the external. Both have an idler gear that is driven by the driving gear, and both use the same method to create pumping action, the gear coming in and out of mesh method. The main difference between the two types of gear pumps are where the fluid is trapped, and the placement of the gears.

There are no valves in a gear pump, or high impeller velocities, minimising the friction losses generally seen in a centrifugal-type pump.

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