BlueSelect Inground Pumping Stations

BlueSelect Inground Pumping Stations manufactured by Southern Pumping Specialists are available in various configurations and can be ready for install in minimal time. Typically used for either sewage or storm water, the holding well or pits are poly, fiberglass or concrete and are fitted with the relevant pumps along with all intank plumbing, valves, controls and hardware and are assembled with professionalism that only comes from experience. Systems are tailored to individual applications and duties using a variety of pumps and components to achieve the desired result at the desired budget.

A complete package; designed, constructed and delivered by Southern Pumping Specialists provides peace of mind, ease of installation and an economical option for the building and plumbing trades.

The many ever functional systems in service provide a sound endorsement to the quality, compatibility and longevity of these systems in so many differing applications.